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As Outside General Counsel, Attorney Fox's services include:

Business Agreements

Review, draft and negotiate a wide variety of business agreements, including: customer sales and service contracts, purchasing contracts, construction contracts, employment agreements, real estate leases and confidentiality agreements.


Provide Sage Counsel

Provide counsel to  clients in business and corporate functions, including: Contract Negotiations, Mergers, Acquisitions, Human Resources, Finance and Environment, Health and Safety.


Deal with Regulators

Review and prepare responses to inquiries from regulatory and governmental agencies.


Research and Advise on Legal Issues

Conduct research on practical legal issues and provide clear, concise findings to clients in order to inform and assist their decision-making process.


Coordination of and with Other Counsel

Coordinate as needed with other outside counsel (if required by the situation) for  support in matters requiring specialized counsel and guidance on discrete issues requiring that specialized expertise.


Assist with Compliance

Provide assistance with compliance issues, including those relating to data privacy, anti-bribery and labor laws, customs and trade regulation and environmental laws.


Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales

Provide assistance with transformation projects such as asset sales, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.


General Legal Support

Provide the type of general legal department support that larger organizations enjoy, while helping the client maintain budgetary constraints.


Business Governance

Mickey Fox, PLLC, provides corporate and business governance and advisory services to help companies and organizations enabling clients to better understand shareholder or member expectations, prepare for shareholder meetings, engage and communicate effectively with owners and monitor relevant trends. Corporate governance is how we manage a business using rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled in order to maximize long-term value while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. Through the use of best-practices and his experience, Attorney Fox will work to help you improve company decision-making, increase shareholder or member trust and confidence, and help reduced the company's legal and reputational risk.


Intellectual Property Support

Irrespective of your company's size, you undoubtedly have some Intellectual Property. We can help you navigate intellectual property considerations, whether it be creation of a trademark, copyright protection, or by making sure that your business contracts and employment agreements all work together to help protect trade secrets and other proprietary information

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