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Business Counselling and Consulting

      I have the knowledge and experience to partner with your small business to help you accomplish your goals. I work with you to make legal decisions with the understanding of how those decisions affect your business goals. The firm also offers businesses the ability to outsource their in-house counsel needs with fee for service or retainer options.

      I work to fit your business needs: from start-ups, to coaching, to mergers and acquisitions, corporate (entity) governance, outside general counsel services, contracts and negotiations, various transactions and planning, in short - you name it, if it involves business, I'm your go-to partner.

Practice Areas Include:

  • Business, Commercial and Construction Transactions

  • Outside General Counsel Services

  • Real Estate

  • Corporate and Business Consulting 

  • Physician Practice and Practice Management

  • Business, Construction and Real Estate Litigation, both State and Federal

  • Cybersecurity and Internet Legal Issues

  • Estate Planning and Advising

  • Entrepreneurship

Outside General Counsel Services

      I can provide in-house general counsel services tailored to meet the specific needs of your small business. This approach allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business decisions and empowers you to respond swiftly to market changes. The advantage is clear: it eliminates the time and expense associated with repeatedly seeking outside legal counsel whenever your company requires guidance and it offers you the ability to better anticipate your legal spend from month to month. By engaging in-house general counsel services from Mickey Fox, PLLC, you not only gain a trusted legal advisor but also a strategic partner dedicated to your business’ overall health and  success. 

Business, Commercial and Real Estate Litigation

      Suing others and being sued can be a frightening and confusing proposition. It's almost never a good thing to be involved in litigation, and rarely is it a good return on investment, but sometimes it is an unavoidable outcome. I've been successfully litigating matters for 20 years and I find that this part of my practice helps better inform the other parts of my practice - to put it simply, I have a much deeper understanding of why (for instance) that particular contract clause does or does not work and how to better craft it to obtain the result that you are looking for.


      I am here to help guide you through the process. I, have nearly twenty years of experience in real estate, commercial and contracts litigation. Let me help guide you and your business through the intricacies of preparing for, responding to, mediating / arbitrating, and litigating disputes that arise respecting your business and business dealings. 

Cyber and IT Law and Advising

      I have nearly thirty years experience in Internet Technology, Cyber Security, Computer and Network Systems. Because of my experience, the firm can quickly translate legalese into simple concepts that business owners can understand. When you need counsel who has hands-on experience working with systems that affect your day-to-day business, contact Mickey Fox.

The Business "Check-up"

    The legal check-up is an opportunity to ensure that the business entity form that you have chosen still works for your business and still provides the liability and other protections that you need. I often hear phrases from potential clients such as: "I already have an LLC," "I filed with the Secretary of State," "I already filed the standard forms," or something similar. That's good, but it is likely that it is not good enough to provide you with the protections that you may think you have. Merely filing a few forms, or buying an off-the-shelf product (one size fits all) rarely provides the protections that these potential clients believed they received. Or worse, failing to conduct your business properly (from how your banking is conducted to whether you are observing proper formalities to how your business property is titled and more)  might lead to the destruction of the protections they might have had.

Contact Mickey Fox today and together we can ensure that your business is ready to handle what the world will throw at it.


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