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Mickey Fox, PLLC

Attorney At Law

Your Local In-House Counsel.℠
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  In a perfect world, you wouldn't need us...
           But, since the world isn't perfect, we're here to help.℠

Mickey Fox, PLLC        130 N. Preston Road, Ste. 107, Prosper, Texas 75078        (972) 838-5438

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In The Practice of Law Since 2003.

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      Mickey Fox, PLLC is committed to providing the flexibility that today's business owners require to efficiently manage their legal and business needs. We will meet with you in a manner that suits your convenience, whether by phone call, video chat, or in-person meetings at a time and location that best suits your schedule.

      In a world where the pace of business is constantly accelerating, I have designed my practice to be efficient, agile and adaptable, tailored to the demands of modern business. My practice is focused on collaborating closely with my clients to understand their commercial and business-related needs and deliver the highest-quality legal and business advice available. I utilize a holistic approach to customize advice to each client's specific needs, all while being perceptive to the potential return on investment - ensuring that every recommendation aligns with your bottom-line objectives. I provide attentive, client-centered, and cost-effective counsel on the legal issues that are essential to your business' operations.

      By cultivating strong and meaningful relationships with my clients, I delve into the unique activities and objectives of your business. This approach guarantees that you receive effective, thoughtful, and innovative solutions that are tailored to the ever-evolving landscape of today's business environment. My goal is to provide a level of accessibility and support that aligns with your schedule, ensuring that you have the legal assistance you require precisely when it's needed to support your business' success.

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